Over the past decade, Parthsarthi Creation has cultivated several areas of expertise through its extensive experience in the Media industry. We have been present in the thick of the media revolution that has taken the Media space by storm. Our various areas of expertise and capabilities are outlined below:

  • Our motto:To develop an effective media strategy, it is vital to establish objective criteria for development of ultimate plan.
  • Our Specialisation: We give the best competitive rates of any kind of Electronic Media advertisement in terms of realizing the ads.
  • At , we begin the media planning cycle with a compilation of facts assembled from our clients’ marketing division. These include primary and secondary research, past experience with each brand category, medium of communication and more. Strong relationship management with all Major TV channels, Radio, Outdoor, Cinema slides, Unique Events, Vyoma Railway, Live Media, Print makes our media planning the most competitive in India. We can design rate and release structures customized to your budget and marketing needs. With our expertise in implementing initiatives in such a wide range of media, our clients are uniquely positioned to attain the results they desire. The media professional does not work in a vacuum. The media plan is an integral art of the overall marketing strategy and as such,must take into consideration the brand manager’s current overall strategy; a product introduction requires heavier advertising and promotion at the beginning of the plan period. A mature brand requires event support. A lead generation campaign may utilize specialized media.

    Ad And Corporate Film Production

    We provide complete production and post–production services to TV ad commercials, corporate films, etc. Services include designing and planning shoots, selection of the right cast & crew for sets, costumes, makeup, to selecting right locations and buying/ renting right props and making travel, lodging & boarding arrangements, etc for a shoot. We have a well-equipped studio, and in-house multi-camera set up light equipment. The ad film is highly effective in creating an impression or image, in building an argument or in developing a story that can be used to lead to subtle shifts in audience perception. Ad films can take whole multitude of possible forms, borrowing from or extending a range of familiar acceptable programme styles –anything from cartoon animation to news report to dramatization.

    Creation of Songs and Jingles

    Whether it s a comedy, a drama, or a countdown of the most popular songs, we have the talent bank and production infrastructure to make a “show” have high production values, and enjoy high TRP. We are also open to commission projects from channels. Our experience in this field spans over a decade.


    Over the years, Radio has become an important and attractive media consideration. Often referred to as “theatre of the mind”, radio (especially FM) provides an opportunity to reach target audience affordably with an involving environment and with an effective message frequency. Given the objective of establishing a brand image, radio serves as an excellent image builder. Unlike ad films, production of radio spots is very affordable. Radio offers immediacy. Consumer responds quickly to commercial they hear. Many advertisers benefit from this media without sacrificing their budgets.


    As is evident from the above account on our core areas of expertise. It is ideally positioned to provide integrated solutions for products/brand categories spanning all available media like Television, Print, radio and Event management. We have the capability to provide end to end solutions spanning from designing the promotion strategy to production to final delivery in the least cost effective manner. All in all, It is the one stop shop for all your promotion needs. Wall Painting is also done only Northern & Western part of India.